Tranced [adjective]

Definition of Tranced:

bewitching, charming

Opposite/Antonyms of Tranced:

Sentence/Example of Tranced:

For an instant, the tranced boat's crew stood still; then turned.

They are still as death, tranced in those liquid bell-tones.

But her heart was clutched by a grip of ice, and she went as one tranced.

He was tranced before this meeting of the companions, each of whom saw none but the other.

Ventnor stepped by the sentinel globe, bent over the tranced girl.

The collie resumed his wide, gold-eyed, tranced stare into the fire.

Hugged in her warm wrap, curled into her big chair, the girl sat like some tranced creature, thinking—thinking—thinking.

The sullen, tranced hours verged towards evening, and Wat still lay motionless.

Mrs. Dayre plays with an enchanting softness, and they float up and down as in some tranced sea.

It was a batch of Ivor's drawings—sketches of Spirit Life, made in the course of tranced tours through the other world.