Transactional [adjective]

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The sale marks a conclusion for the dissolution of Wirecard “despite unfavorable conditions,” Michael Jaffe, the insolvency lawyer handling the transactions, said in a statement.

Seiyu Chief Executive Officer Lionel Desclee will stay in his role through the transaction and then take a new position within Walmart.

Getting closer to the transactions, either by allowing publishers to highlight specific products or deep-link into retailers’ apps, could help by creating a better user experience, Newman said.

The state funds from SB 2 come from a $75 filing fee added to certain real estate transaction documents and have been slowly trickling to counties and cities across the state since Atkins passed the bill in 2017.

Although the FTC investigated and approved two of Facebook’s biggest deals — the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp — it has the authority to revisit past transactions and go to court to unwind them if it determines they were anticompetitive.

More and more people on both sides of the transaction adopt the service because the costs are low and the benefits high.

The feature itself is powered by charitable fundraising platform Tiltify, which handles the payment processing for the donation transactions.

Dozens of them have begun to explore the technology, which shares some DNA with blockchain currencies like Bitcoin, and broadly promises to accelerate and simplify the settlement of transactions.

Notably, the law would allow the government to retrospectively examine transactions that took place over the preceding five years—but this would not apply to transactions that took place before the bill was introduced to Parliament.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin and other digital currencies face an obstacle to their adoption in everyday commerce owing to tax rules that treat every transaction as a capital gains event.