Transactions [noun]

Definition of Transactions:

business dealing; undertaking

Synonyms of Transactions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transactions:

Sentence/Example of Transactions:

We don't choose to publish our transactions, however unimportant, to all the town.

You are aware that in these sort of transactions ready money is indispensable?

Heaven forbid that any of his transactions there should be re-enacted here.

Hence his arrival in Athens and transactions in behalf of peace.

Partly; partly because I find myself disapproving of your transactions.

He was measured in his walk, measured in his utterance, and measured in all his transactions.

I have some transactions which I wish to discuss with such a person.

It also contends that "the transactions of the Board ought not to be canvassed in the newspapers."

There's northin' like a witness of transactions, Mr. Parker.

But all these transactions did nothing to improve the lot of the raia.