Transceiver [noun]

Definition of Transceiver:

device for receiving

Synonyms of Transceiver:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transceiver:



Sentence/Example of Transceiver:

I'm going to set up this transceiver to record and transmit on command-response.

When this trouble started I sent him a transceiver so we could talk directly.

Scotty took his transceiver from his pocket and examined it with pride.

Do you mean you've been listening in ever since I strapped on the transceiver?

Orne pressed the neck stud on his transceiver, got Stetson, told him what had happened to this point.

Then he realized that Jen's muffled sobs were going direct to the Pentagon through his transceiver.

Alis Garet, her arms around Don and her head on his shoulder, spoke directly into the transceiver.

In the privacy of his room, Orne pressed the transceiver stud at his neck, said: "Stet?"