Transcend [verb]

Definition of Transcend:

go beyond; surpass; to go beyond the limit of

Synonyms of Transcend:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transcend:

Sentence/Example of Transcend:

Yet in no instance did he transcend the ordinary usages of Indian warfare.

Had he come at last to transcend her idea with some even greater purpose?

Some of these experiences, such as how to handle fire, transcend nourishment.

The practice of signs entails the possibility to transcend the present.

At first, then, a child can not transcend himself or his experiences.

So we should transcend the material, trying through that to penetrate to the spiritual.

Still the mortal, when he cannot see, can believe, and so transcend these same limitations.

Whenever they wished to transcend these lower planes they were powerless.

Nor can functions be expected in the creature which transcend the power of the Creator.

Be it noted that what is required is not an explanation of how we transcend Experience.