Transcendence [noun]

Definition of Transcendence:

achievement, completeness

Opposite/Antonyms of Transcendence:

Sentence/Example of Transcendence:

Consequently, the religious dimension of transcendence is annihilated.

But it is important to note just what this transcendence consists in.

A transcendence of nature is already accomplished in the process of thought.

The idea of the transcendence of God is seen to be growing in the mind of the Jew.

But the one true thing about this impression is its transcendence.

The poem may be spoilt by introducing a transcendence of the dramatic element.

The two poles—immanence and transcendence—are complementary.

I am neither for immanence nor for transcendence taken alone.

Immanence or transcendence—that, step by step, decides the meaning of everything else.

The Moslem, on the other hand, believes in God's unity and transcendence, but denies his immanence.