Transcendent [adjective]

Definition of Transcendent:


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Sentence/Example of Transcendent:

But, after all, I hope I shall be enabled to be honest to a merit so transcendent.

Our town, as may be imagined, buzzed with transcendent gossip on the morrow.

Also he sometimes supposes that God is immanent in the world, sometimes that he is transcendent.

Society is sure to slander a woman of transcendent beauty and intellect.

This is one of the transcendent issues involved in this contest.

Transcendent must he be, rising above all limits, even the limit of life and death.

What's the good of that, when one is not a transcendent genius, destined for posterity?

The poorest of it is not without some flavor of life, and at its best it is transcendent.

There is a possibility of imitating Him in the most transcendent of His acts.

Her child, her child, the one transcendent, gripping theme of joy and fear.