Transcendental [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Transcendental:

“You are too transcendental for me,” growled Ossipon, with moody concern.

Hegelianism may be said to be a transcendental defence of the world as it is.

These passages are full of transcendental ideas; do you object to them?

These transcendental notions were the beginning of the mental outfit of mankind.

His may not be a transcendental mind, or one sufficiently elastic for politics.

Edmee loved the poets almost as much as the transcendental philosophers.

The 'Titanic' and 'transcendental' Faubourg remained as mute as a mouse!

In this sort of practice, the engineer has need of some transcendental sense.

It marks the advent of a new departure in transcendental medicine.

You were not submitted to the agency, of a transcendental power.