Transfiguring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Transfiguring:

He looked taller, his face shone with a serenity that seemed to transfigure him.

Then amazed recognition, love, happiness, transfigure her face.

It is here to transfigure all; we must accept with it the merer things it glorifies.

She believes in her power to renew and transfigure them, to achieve in them a moral miracle.

You must have the imagination of a poet to transfigure them.

Let her transfigure the hour of disaster into the hour of deeper consecration.

He could not transfigure the dull and commonplace heads he was to copy.

The soul in him never awoke, so as to transfigure his thoughts and purposes.

For she saw a flame illumine Luttrell's face and transfigure him.

And the keeping of that faith, the following of that Life, will transfigure any country beneath the blue sky into a holy land.