Transfixed [verb]

Definition of Transfixed:

hold one's attention

Synonyms of Transfixed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transfixed:

Sentence/Example of Transfixed:

When he put it to himself like that, the sweat started from his forehead and he was transfixed with fear.

The Baron, who had understood everything, was also transfixed.

Ralph stood where Sim had left him, transfixed by some horrible consciousness.

And when she woke in wild affright it met her transfixed and horrified gaze.

Nettie looked up in a sudden blaze, and transfixed him with her eye.

This long screw would have transfixed it and drawn it with a single pull.

Transfixed, Tess stood for many minutes where Young had left her.

Transfixed, she paused in the door, waiting for Graves to cease speaking.

When they parted she stood looking at him as one transfixed.

The young girl was not so transfixed by the subject of the tale as by the speaker.