Transfixes [verb]

Definition of Transfixes:

hold one's attention

Synonyms of Transfixes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transfixes:

Sentence/Example of Transfixes:

Something in her expression seemed to transfix and bind him.

The sight of the two men together seemed to transfix her with horror.

What spear can transfix the dragon of passion which rages here?

The scream that he uttered seemed to transfix Joel with horror.

Something must be devised to transfix him with the dignity of marriage.

But know that through my breast you must strike and transfix him.

When Lugare saw it, he stood like one transfix'd by a basilisk.

Another inscription boasts that the subject of it could transfix an arrow in its flight with another arrow.

His assailants saw their advantage, and one of them made a final lunge at his breast to transfix him.

I did not say there was, said Anne; and you need not transfix me with those sharp eyes of yours, because I wondered.