Transformations [noun]

Definition of Transformations:

complete change

Synonyms of Transformations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transformations:

Sentence/Example of Transformations:

I am master of seventy-two transformations, and will live as long as Heaven itself.

The transformations which the infant undergoes from birth to adult age are known to all.

It is impossible to give an idea of the refinement and subtlety of all her transformations.

The history of the transformations of this gateway is curious.

He has to explain how those changes have been produced, how the transformations were effected.

They appear to complete their transformations in the third year of their existence.

The transformations of the waters have given rise to a transformation of labor.

The transformations of her own life did not call for any such transformations in him.

Transformations of men into animals are common in Greek mythology.

The simple Eumæus, however, does not suspect him in all these transformations.