Transformed [verb]

Definition of Transformed:

change completely

Opposite/Antonyms of Transformed:

Sentence/Example of Transformed:

But the reproduction is of brief duration; and it is speedily effaced or transformed.

The spot is indeed a corner of Eden—a happy valley, to be transformed, alas!

Behind the features glowed a proud, fierce spirit that transformed them.

How often has sorrow been transformed into joy by religious exercises!

If a retired Cit could be transformed into a house, such is the house he would be.

His name was Edward, and Ted had been transformed into Tip, within the walls.

We were taken into a little shed which had been transformed into an office.

To give her complete liberty, it must be transformed afresh from top to bottom.

The street had been transformed into a morass of sticky mud by the storm.

Matter may be transformed (in which case it may be re-transformed), but it can never be destroyed.