Transforming [verb]

Definition of Transforming:

change completely

Opposite/Antonyms of Transforming:

Sentence/Example of Transforming:

Finally they asked him to show them some of his transforming arts.

Many were their cares, too, in transforming the old pavilion into a farm.

It is a question of nothing less than of transforming him into furnished lodgings.

The dirty cot, the dirty cell, the dirty floor, a point of view was transforming.

The Smith was compelled to try his hand at transforming the seigneur.

A heavy, obstinate look came into the boy's face, transforming it.

To them matter is as insoluble as the transforming forces which emanate from it.

Forgiveness and love were the transforming powers which were to accomplish it.

And the power that he kept for himself was the power of transforming himself into a salmon.

He was taking a leading part in transforming the popular belief.