Transforms [verb]

Definition of Transforms:

change completely

Opposite/Antonyms of Transforms:

Sentence/Example of Transforms:

It is possessor of the magic which transforms plain things into loveliness.

"Some he transforms into bugs and other things," growled the bear's head.

It takes the air and masters it, transforms and decomposes it, and incessantly renews it.

The intellect not only selects, but in selecting transforms the reality.

It is, of course, the Japan current which transforms this part of Alaska.

It generates light: it transforms them into living light-bearers.

But in winter Nature breathes upon his handiwork and transforms it.

I want to know how she transforms herself into a woman again.

We find here the magic spell which transforms a house into a home.

The Devil,” says Albert the Great, “transforms all living things.