Transgressed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Transgressed:

They would have sinned had they not thus married; for they would have transgressed his law.

Bear with me that I transgressed the law of this holy order.

Yes, a custom, but one which again is apt to be transgressed.

I keep a supply of those who have transgressed my laws to feed them.

I crave thy pardon if I have transgressed beyond the limits of my duty.

"You should not have transgressed my orders," answered Madeleine, with some show of impatience.

In any case the player who transgressed the law does not win anything.

Woe then to whomsoever had transgressed any of the commandments!

You desired me, sister, to leave you, when you transgressed the bounds of honour.

The sophists have transgressed in a masterly manner as regards this verse.