Transistors [noun]

Definition of Transistors:

portable music player

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Sentence/Example of Transistors:

There was a miniature pocket radio—a transistor radio—on top of the short wave cabinet.

The electrical properties of this odd specimen are unusual and interesting and could lead to a new type of transistor.

The PDP-3 circuitry is the static type using saturating transistor flip-flops and, for the most part, transistor switch elements.

The transistor is still a critical item in electronics and production isn't up to demand, especially for special designs.

I thought she was joking, and we went and listened to somebody's transistor, and then I went back to the lab.

Keeter seemed to hesitate for a minute, then shrugged his shoulders and dropped the transistor into the general's sweating palm.

"Not at all, not at all," said a small, white haired man who had finally wrested the transistor from Beemish.