Transitions [noun]

Definition of Transitions:

change, often major

Synonyms of Transitions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transitions:

Sentence/Example of Transitions:

There is less arrangement in them, and the transitions are more abrupt from one subject to another.

All transitions between these two stages are likewise met with.

The General, by the easiest of transitions, passed on to the subject of soldiering in India.

Indeed the transitions are generally marked by their abruptness.

How many questions are suggested to us by these transitions!

How absurd are the transitions of which human appreciation is capable!

In fact, the two pass without any sharp boundary into each other, and both present transitions to the Diatom ooze.

Transitions from the ape to the man, or the man to the ape, are nowhere found.

By transitions their tones regained their former cheerfulness.

Birth and death are the transitions from one division into another.