Transitoriness [noun]

Definition of Transitoriness:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Transitoriness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transitoriness:

Sentence/Example of Transitoriness:

Literally, the words read "Remember—I, what a transitoriness."

The poet then enlarges on the transitoriness of terrestrial love.

It teaches the transitoriness and mutability of this world and of all human things.

Another characteristic of the wild religions is their transitoriness.

The violence of the storm has been counterbalanced by its transitoriness.

Every mood carried in itself a sub-consciousness of its transitoriness.

It must redeem it for ever from transitoriness and evanescence.

I have had occasion several times to refer to the transitoriness of the warriors life as continually harped upon by Ossian.

As to the permanence of love, or its transitoriness, the plain and candid answer is that there is no real assurance either way.

The transitoriness of human life should lead to full and hearty recognition of God, not to careless slighting of him.