Translates [verb]

Definition of Translates:

interpret, explain

Synonyms of Translates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Translates:

Sentence/Example of Translates:

Khalid reads the poetry under each of them and translates it into English.

Science may have its alphabet, but it is feeling that translates its poems.

Brasseur translates this title erroneously, “decorated with a bracelet.”

Brasseur translates it “limit” or “landmark” of the Ahquehays.

Major Hume translates it in full, from Mr. Froude's transcript.

It translates our alphabet into its own alphabet, and then, after processing, it translates it back into ours.

Jerome translates this clause, "My iniquity is greater than can be pardoned."

Wheeler translates 'the source of universal prayers to the gods'.

Wheeler translates 'those only excepted who have the boon by law'.

The selections which he translates are based on Thorkelins text.