Transliteration [noun]

Definition of Transliteration:

rewording; interpretation

Synonyms of Transliteration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transliteration:


Sentence/Example of Transliteration:

Position your mouse over the line to see the transliteration.

Longer passages have the transliteration immediately following.

Position your mouse over the word to see the transliteration.

A transliteration is provided, hover your mouse over it to see it.

If your system allows for it, hovering over them will show a transliteration.

Clicking or pointing on the Greek sentence will show the transliteration.

Their modern Russian name Kurdischi is a transliteration of the Greek.

Page 220: Greek transliteration in curly braces was added by Transcriber.

Hovering over a Greek word will display its transliteration.

Not in the Chinese characters, of course, but in transliteration.