Translucence [noun]

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Its properties of translucence and refraction enabled skilful artists to perform marvels.

These localities all consist of the opaque varieties, with a slight degree of translucence in some places.

It differs chiefly from the dotted jaspers of Lake Michigan, in its translucence and green color.

Another cause for its brilliancy was that its translucence was not obscured by paint.

The translucence had a pathos for his intelligence which the pensive tilt of her head enhanced.

After a little consideration, the priest kicked off his sandals and thrust his feet into its translucence.

Then the mist closed on them again, the city among the clouds was hidden from view, and the sky lost its translucence.

How express Nature, its translucence and mysterious unities, its mood never the same from hour to hour!

In him righteousness and love were blended in the translucence of an utter simplicity and truth.

As he looked, the translucence faded and his skin switched to normal, the marks disappearing.