Transmits [verb]

Definition of Transmits:

communicate, send

Synonyms of Transmits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transmits:

Sentence/Example of Transmits:

Miss Hoag, through her "control," began to receive and transmit "messages."

Besides this, he had promised to transmit from time to time some sort of message.

Patrick Henry said, "We should transmit to posterity our abhorrence of slavery."

Just as I send mine every night to Bob, for him to transmit by wireless.

If you print any poems, I especially desire you will transmit them to me.

I thank you for your care to transmit a copy of my works to Bp.

I'm going to set up this transceiver to record and transmit on command-response.

Novels develop and transmit the ideal; clubs are the tribunal of it.

A princess could not be allowed to transmit any of it away from the possessor of the throne.

So the ability to read minds, to transmit thought is given by God.