Transparently [adverb]

Definition of Transparently:

without any doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Transparently:

Sentence/Example of Transparently:

Only the guilty ever succeed in looking as transparently innocent.

Concealment it was not, for Lucilla had always been transparently true.

There was transparently some secret not confided to her friend.

His eyes were half closed and his face was transparently white.

Her lovers account of events at Ostend and in London was transparently honest.

The air was as transparently clear as water, and hushed with evening.

He is so transparently good, and he bears his great disappointment so beautifully.

She was transparently good, and he guessed that unconventionality was unusual with her.

Her eyes, of an agaty gray-green, were transparently honest.

Your life must be transparently open to the view of God and man.