Transplant [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Transplant:

The only thing to do with that plant is to transplant it and let it get nourishment in a new spot.

He was the first man to transplant glands from a human to a human.

You may take up a sapling and transplant it, but the old tree, never!

Still, it will spoil these to transplant them, so they might just as well have been pumpkins.

Transplant these exotics to their native soil, and you would see what it was in them to be.

Transplant the vines in the early Spring, or, better, in the Fall.

Transplant at evening, or, which is better, just before a shower.

Transplant to rows two feet and a half apart, and two feet apart in the rows.

I will not transplant them to the garden of Epicurus, but to another, where the air is more bracing.

Was not a whole family broken and wilting for lack of means to transplant it?