Transportable [adjective]

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There is one property, however, which is of too great dimensions to be transportable.

A great messenger of life, and one of the most transportable, is the solid cocoanut.

The hospital force had gone with all its transportable patients.

About midnight the French soldiers came to seek those who were transportable.

The Turkish tent is the most highly finished of transportable habitations (p. 164–166).

Do you think, if I could manage to send him over to Ireland, that we could get him indicted for any transportable offence?

Transportable antiquities found on a man's land must be reported by him within a week.

Trying a man under sentence of death for a transportable felony, is contrary to all practice.

Suddenly the transportable search-lights of the enemy went into action, and swept up and down the river.

They bought and carried away the grilles and whatever else was transportable from the cells where the victims had been shut up.