Transported [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Transported:

He had been caught up and transported from the theatre to the very streets of Verona.

The meat was wrapped in packages, so that it might all be transported to the cabin.

If Hetty could have been transported to the spot, how would her heart have ached!

My opinion then, is, that he wants to be transported, if he is to turn up such a heathen as that!

That silent creature, Madame Maze, was so transported that she spoke the first.

So the short and the long of it was, I was condemned to be transported.

For a moment Pierre was transported as by a breeze of hope and triumph.

Cargoes of army stores were transported between Buffalo and Detroit.

I was arrested for forgery, tried, found guilty, and transported for life.

All three were put into wooden cages to be transported to the capital.