Transposition [noun]

Definition of Transposition:

switch, exchange

Synonyms of Transposition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Transposition:


Sentence/Example of Transposition:

Had he lived in our times he would have made the transposition himself.

In a concave mirror the top and bottom are inverted, but this is no transposition.

The philosophy of Berkeley is but the transposition of two words.

You mean that during the period of transposition you are invisible?

A single omission, insertion, or transposition counts as an error.

Seymour suggests a transposition: you do, my son, look in a moved sort.

The transposition was made by Singer in the edition of 1821.

Yet, the world wants the details exactly as they happened; hence the transposition.

Yes, indeed; but to the the gist of the matter is in the transposition.

Kramer also suggests the transposition of this sentence to the end of § 6.