Transversely [adjective]

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The line of projection is transversely through the tuberosities.

The integument is transversely striated, and of a silvery-white appearance.

In fact, Lamarck says both shells are transversely striated.

Basidia transversely septate; teleutospores present; parasites.

Basidia transversely septate; no teleutospores; saprophytes.

It is wrinkled lengthwise and also transversely and has a knotty head.

The snout is transversely obtuse, but is rather acute in profile.

We crossed it transversely in order to strike the inlet of the Mississippi, and encamped on the other side.

The palatopterygoid soon becomes segmented into a transversely placed palatine, and a longitudinally placed pterygoid (fig. 340).

Some of these split longitudinally, some transversely, and others by forming pores for the escape of the seeds.