Trapped [adjective]

Definition of Trapped:

caught in a trap

Synonyms of Trapped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trapped:


Sentence/Example of Trapped:

He had been defied, trapped, made a victim of the gang who had killed his most valued informer.

But it is like enough that he trapped a wood-chuck now and then, or caught a white-fish with the rest.

I'll not be trapped this way by her and let her off without a squeal.

I might be trapped in my sleep by an induced somnambulistic conversation.

Charlie peeped warily, was trapped at it, and opened his eyes resignedly.

If the rock flowed, any air that it trapped would be squeezed to a liquid.

Nana began to display the sullen submissiveness of a trapped animal.

She had trapped him neatly, as he had no doubt she well knew.

"You were trapped from the beginning, though you didn't know it," he said.

These seal-creatures, strange seed of the Arctic ice, had trapped the Peary all too well.