Trapping [verb]

Definition of Trapping:

catch, snare; trick

Synonyms of Trapping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trapping:

Sentence/Example of Trapping:

He, accordingly, constructed a very ingenious apparatus to enable him to accomplish this trapping of this "germ dust" in the air.

Why should he not take this man into his confidence, and so work out the trapping of the gang?

It was here, then, that he purposed establishing his first trapping trail.

This was Charley's first trapping expedition in a real wilderness!

In fact, my dear, this will be the only means of trapping the person.

Then up above somebody was trapping beaver, which was against the law.

They subsist by trapping the beaver, and hunting the buffalo and other animals.

Boone had been too busy hunting and trapping to put his claims on paper.

But he remembered, in time, what the rancher had just said about trapping him.

The winter passed in hunting, trapping, drinking, and gambling.