Trappings [noun]

Definition of Trappings:

paraphernalia, equipment

Synonyms of Trappings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trappings:


Sentence/Example of Trappings:

His sword-sheath, breastplate, and trappings were clear and bright.

Nothing could exceed the beauty of their proportions and the splendour of their trappings.

Like Tom Sawyer, he loved the glare and trappings of leadership.

The trappings of horse soldiers are evidently made as noisy as possible.

If they are not soldiers, why do they wear these trappings of the battle-field?

She did not say that she lacked the money to buy the suits and trappings.

He supplied the trappings of science, without the authority to override O'Donnell.

Their dresses are superb; their arms and trappings are encrusted with gold and gems.

The rigging, the fishing gear and other trappings, were not yet aboard.

They clustered round the horse and seized upon the trappings.