Trashiest [adjective]

Definition of Trashiest:


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Sentence/Example of Trashiest:

It didn't read like the other trashy things in there, and it sounded honest.

The trashy novels pay well because his wife and daughters like them.

I'm afraid I've given you trashy stuff sometimes, just to keep you quiet.

They have gone back to the weak, trashy ending which I discarded.

Tomfoolery, nonsense; trashy, mild, and innocuous literature.

They read all sorts of trashy books, and then they go eloping.

Why, I daresay you have half a dozen of some trashy novel or other.

Trashy novels by the dozen fell into her hands from her mistress' table.

Is he dull, or does he put of some trashy production on the public?

Another cause undoubtedly is our cheap and trashy literature.