Travail [noun]

Definition of Travail:


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Sentence/Example of Travail:

As he drove he mused over what Travail would say when he saw these shells.

But it could be that Travail knew of the value of Sutter's shell collection.

"I was looking for my tobacco pouch," Travail replied easily.

"I'll do nothing of the sort," said Travail, starting to back away.

His hands shook, his stalwart frame trembled as with the agony of travail.

Pray that He may see of the travail of His soul, and be satisfied with each of them.

And pray that we may enter into that travail of soul with Him.

His mind had been in travail; his soul had known the pangs of labor.

She did not seem to be in pain, and yet in travail of some sort.

The skin of his head seemed to move in this travail of vain and tormenting suppositions.