Traveler [noun]

Definition of Traveler:

person who journeys

Opposite/Antonyms of Traveler:


Sentence/Example of Traveler:

Some called him Tom Sawyer the Traveler, and that just swelled him up fit to bust.

The traveler was certainly too hurried and preoccupied to think of doughnuts.

And I may say, too, that they are most hospitable to the traveler, as our own experience with them exemplified.

What did it cost one traveler to get to America in the sixteenth century?

Bayard Taylor, a distinguished American traveler, writer, and poet.

Bayard Taylor, the distinguished American traveler, writer, and poet.

The traveler is struck with the strong resemblance of Castaño to an Egyptian village.

The traveler asserted that he had, with the hire of the Ass, hired his Shadow also.

"You shall go just as you please, my angel," said the traveler.

Dan's jaw squared as he leveled his whip-handle straight at the traveler.