Travelers [noun]

Definition of Travelers:

person who journeys

Opposite/Antonyms of Travelers:


Sentence/Example of Travelers:

Travelers have differed in their measurements of this stupendous growth.

In April, 1870, a party of English travelers in Greece were seized by brigands.

Until now this personage had escaped the observation of the travelers.

This was built about the year 1805, and much frequented by travelers and teamsters.

But the travelers, when they saw the tiger in the distance, were all frightened and ran away.

The seaman and travelers awaited their end with lamentations.

As the captain had said, it was fortunate for the travelers that the “brush” only had struck the carriage.

Concierges, I knew, were the ever present helps of travelers in trouble.

Letters of credit, travelers' checks, drafts, all were mere printed paper.

For the first time on Hawaii trails became safe for travelers.