Travellers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Travellers:

"You'll find I'm right, sir," was the reply of the traveller who spoke first.

Money means to the traveller not only health, enjoyment, comfort, but knowledge.

"I used to be light-footed, in my youth," said Philemen to the traveller.

"Why, I am very nimble, as you see," answered the traveller.

The traveller's soup was succeeded by a dish of meat, and that by a dish of vegetables.

The man was dressed like a traveller, in a foraging cap with fur about it, and a heap of cloak.

As he drove up the avenue he looked about him like a traveller in a strange city.

I was prepared for all this, and was most affable to the tormentor of a traveller's patience.

There's a young lady stopping there to-night, a stranger, a traveller.

That was a question whose answer was hidden in the traveller's own breast.