Traversing [verb]

Definition of Traversing:

cross over; travel

Synonyms of Traversing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Traversing:

Sentence/Example of Traversing:

He felt no surprise that they were traversing the river trail.

On traversing the shore, we discovered a morai, or rather a heap of bones.

I heard Sir Alexander traversing the apartment with hasty strides.

My brother of Denmark is traversing Europe, and is about to come to France.

The bullet, after traversing the left lung, lodged in the spinal column.

After traversing a distance of twenty-seven leagues, we arrive at the river.

On several occasions Father Hennepin, while traversing the broad bleak prairie, was quite in despair.

After traversing a few leagues, they came to another river, flowing through a low plain, elevated but slightly above the stream.

A whole hour was spent in traversing this gloomy and boundless place.

After traversing it for half a mile, Bogle turned toward the base of the hill.