Travesties [noun]

Definition of Travesties:

spoof, ridicule

Synonyms of Travesties:

Opposite/Antonyms of Travesties:

Sentence/Example of Travesties:

I stretched my lips in that travesty of a smile I had seen the others use.

It long ago learned that marriage is a travesty and our marriage a nightmare.

That's why this whole thing is a travesty of love and marriage.

A piquant witticism is not an expression of all this, but simply a travesty.

I take this opportunity of saying that justice in this town is a travesty.

But the effect has been too great on Tom, and even the travesty at the finish does not get a laugh from him.

To ape a sentiment, even a good one, is to travesty a sentiment; that will not be helpful.

The words are a travesty of what we read of the Son of man in chap.

His travesty of the Æneid (1648-53) was considered a masterpiece of its kind.

His general theology is a travesty of the creation of the world and of man.