Trawler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trawler:

After the chase had been on for over an hour another shot was fired from the trawler.

A trawler was employed to tow a submarine by a submerged hawser.

They gave me command of a trawler, a perfectly beastly kind of boat.

We boys—I was a boy in a Brixham trawler then—certainly believed that.

They did not and so we safely boarded our trawler at Cape Helles.

I'll eat it this time, but remember I won't have any waste on this trawler.

They went right to the stem of the trawler and stood against the gunwale.

We must start as soon as possible after the midnight shoot, if there is any trawler near us then.'

There is not a trawler in the North Sea catches more fish than the Sparrow-hawk.

A trawler was lying there, which had evidently been in a collision.