Treasonable [adjective]

Definition of Treasonable:


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Sentence/Example of Treasonable:

Rotherby took a seat by the desk, his hand upon the treasonable letters.

But I ask your pardon, my dear friend, for this treasonable talk.

So as to have time for carrying on your treasonable mischief, I suppose.

Their commander purchased his life by apostasy and a treasonable oath.

The opinions from which we differ in this instance are treasonable.

But I have a strong conviction that the advice is treasonable.

The guard reported this treasonable remark to the commander.

Will not your answer at the polls be this: 'It is a foul and treasonable falsehood?'

He was committed to gaol charged with treasonable practices!

Perhaps he might be even then forming ambitious and treasonable designs.