Treasured [verb]

Definition of Treasured:

hold dear

Synonyms of Treasured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Treasured:

Sentence/Example of Treasured:

Only about the hospital—but Le Moyne had kept the note, treasured it!

It was apparent that she had not only caught it, but had treasured it in her memory—perhaps in her heart.

He prized him as an heir rather than treasured him as a son.

The Egyptians treasured in their homes the mummies of their dead.

But the wrongs society has heaped upon me are treasured in this breast.'

He turned them over in his mind and treasured some simply because he liked the sound of them.

Every object of his pleasure or regard was treasured as a sacred thing.

It seemed, then, that every word she had uttered in his hearing had been weighed and treasured up.

I would have treasured every sigh, every word, every sign, every glance.'

His wife was showing her brother-in-law some of her most treasured bits of china.