Treat [noun]

Definition of Treat:

pleasing entity or occurrence

Synonyms of Treat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Treat:

Sentence/Example of Treat:

Nevertheless I continued to treat him well on account of the interest you felt in him.

If Halbert will let me alone, or treat me with civility, he may be sure that I shall not trouble him.

What would you say, were I to treat you as Miss Harlowe's father and mother treat her?

He was resolved to treat this subject upon large and generous principles.

Nor is it possible you should be commissioned to treat me thus.

I am sure it was not thus my fault you had not, although you treat me thus.

Desires her to treat her freely; but wishes not that she should impute love to her; and why.

If I had the least idea that you meant often to treat me as you have this afternoon I should know it was of no use.

"My aunt will treat the affair like the sensible woman she is," replied the earl.

To treat a child wholly as an adult would be to mock and destroy it.