Treated [verb]

Definition of Treated:

act, behave towards

Synonyms of Treated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Treated:

Sentence/Example of Treated:

And there was big, handsome, Eddie Arledge, whose father had treated him shabbily.

Every one we came in contact with, both high and low, treated us most kindly.

Treated as I am, now is the time for me to speak out or never.

"You've treated me damned badly," said Banstead, turning on his heel.

I have no right to be treated as if I didn't know what I was about.

What would have become of himself, he thought, if his mother had treated him so?

(b) How should jars, covers, and rubbers be treated in this method?

Timon gives with both hands, but when he appeals to his friends, is treated as a bore.

He treated worldly success as a thing absolutely to be despised.

But they repulsed him rudely, and treated his suggestion with contempt.