Treed [adjective]

Definition of Treed:

covered with woods or trees

Synonyms of Treed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Treed:


Sentence/Example of Treed:

He looked a good deal more comfortable than I was when he and Prince had treed me.

The tombstones below were wet, the treed were dripping, the churchyard was desolate.

He had not been "treed," he had been bowldered, and the grisly had been arrowed and lanced thoroughly.

Probably it was first treed with the aid of dogs and then shot with bow and arrow.

They will bark only when a squirrel is treed, and remain staunchly by the root of the tree.

These finding the bear “treed,” rarely fail to bring him down with their rifles.

He had heard that these creatures will remain for days watching a person whom they may have “treed.”

This was not pleasant, as we might expect to be treed in the same manner.

One time he treed forty-seven of em where the ground was soft and swampy.

The Maluka and the Dandy soon proved it was nothing to be "treed."