Trek [noun]

Definition of Trek:

long journey

Synonyms of Trek:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trek:


Sentence/Example of Trek:

But you see, sir, our time is up, and we have determined not to go on the trek any more.

Two others, that women had been confined while on the trek in wagons.

They were to trek a little after dawn, and already Robert and Benita were up and waiting.

Our own people are with them, and show them how to trek in the night, and where the footpaths are.

To meet him and his family on trek is to glimpse an epitome of his life.

But the river had to be crossed; and when all was ready the order “Trek!”

The cool morning air made it bearable for man and beast to trek.

I understand "trek fever," which, after all, is only Eldorado hunting.

The above I was to conduct from Kimberley to Salisbury, a trek of about 1300 miles.

Parslow's tanks completed the trek without incident on the 15th.