Trekked [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Trekked:

Leaving the train we trekked through the bush to find the lake.

Dear old thing, she whispered, pressing his arm as they trekked to their table.

For many days we trekked, penetrating ever deeper the Red Desert's heart.

The waggons had waited three days for him, and then trekked on.

So we trekked with the moon, Gaasha guiding us, and did not outspan till dawn.

They trekked back to camp, where they remained for a few hours longer.

On and on they trekked, keeping a sharp lookout on all sides.

In December he trekked south to the Tati, where he shot his first lion.

The laager then trekked to Plat Kop, taking the prisoners along with it.

So we trekked boldly to where Dingaan was, and, stopping the wagons, went up to him in a body.