Tremulous [adjective]

Definition of Tremulous:


Synonyms of Tremulous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tremulous:

Sentence/Example of Tremulous:

The aged philosopher endeavoured to speak, but his voice was tremulous with emotion.

The bridge was tremulous beneath me, and marked the tremor of the solid earth.

"It was my father's sword," replied Theseus, with a tremulous voice.

In the first place, Marcia's tremulous state made it difficult.

He was feeble, and his hands were tremulous with a perpetual nervous motion.

Sweet eyes looked on me, and a sweet mouth was tremulous with a smile.

He was looking down, and gnawing at that tremulous upper lip.

I dropped my rugs and began a tremulous search for my pocket-handkerchief.

The latter was tremulous at the thought of seeing Nana once more.

The tears were standing in his eyes, his voice was tremulous.