Trespassers [noun]

Definition of Trespassers:


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Sentence/Example of Trespassers:

He must first catch the trespasser and this would be a pretty hard job.

Here it was even worse than in the garden; there Boxtel was only a trespasser, here he was a thief.

I was as much a trespasser now as he was, and I could see at a glance that he knew it.

He had greeted Pen somewhat coldly—as if Pen were a trespasser on his side of the street.

He felt himself a trespasser both on Ivan's time and on his charity.

He was yesterday arrested and tried as a trespasser, and condemned to imprisonment.

He was a trespasser at the beginning, he is nothing but a trespasser still.

I was a trespasser on the domain belonging to another generation.

In three seconds he was on Ferris territory—and a trespasser.

As for the fate of the trespasser, do not seek to know that.