Trestles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Trestles:

She died of cold, on the trestle on which I had had her placed to send her home.

Her husband is at present building a trestle on the Dunsmore track.

Again she must cross the dark Hoghole trestle alone on her way to the hut.

In column of twos he led his men out on the ties of the trestle bridge.

The culvert was built underneath a trestle which was afterwards filled in.

Rope drives were used to shift the cableways along the trestle.

Our troops are on that ridge (Twin Hills) and a squad is at the trestle over there.

Suddenly Mildred pointed with her little hand and exclaimed, "There's the trestle!"

About a mile distant there was a trestle spanning a deep gorge.

Who is that man beside the trestle, with a black doublet and a pale face?